The Rental Arrangement

The My Calculator Rental program is designed for students, an individual renter or an organization.  Each calculator is rented out on different rental plans based on the needs of the renter.  These plans are as follows: a month by month (typically the best if you are not sure how long you will need it), a semester or 4 months, a year or 9 months, or two years (which is our lowest per month amount).  Each calculator will be sent out in a package that will contain:  your calculator, four  AAA batteries (already inserted into the calculator) and your receipt. 

Calculator models can even be exchanged as the student or individual’s education progresses or upon their desires.  We do need to have an email from you stating that you will need to switch your current calculator with a different one (stating which model is preferred).  Availability cannot be guaranteed, but we will let you know ahead of time when we should have one when we are given adequate time.  We must have received your current calculator before you can exchange your calculator with the new rental calculator.  Also, based on the calculator model, you agree to have your rental amount changed (this this figured by the model type and length of rental). 

My calculator rental allows students or individuals who have an email address and a valid credit or debit card to use our service.  We hold the right to put any account on suspension that we believe there to be any fraudulent activity (with or without notification to you).  We have the right to terminate and restrict your rental agreement and we do not give pro-rated refunds when the account has been cancelled or terminated during the middle of a billing cycle.


Intellectual Property

Everything, but not limited to graphics, text, logos, button icons and software is Property of My Calculator Rental.  Nothing maybe used without written permission from My Calculator Rental.  My Calculator Rental’s trademarks may not be used in anything that is not approved by us.


Shipping Policies

We ship 6 days of the week using the USPS.  We find that having an extra ship day (Saturday) helps to get the calculator just a bit faster.  We ship anyone of these three based on need and choice:  first class mail, priority mail or express mail.  We ship only when the post office is open and is guaranteed by them when your calculator should arrive. 

Upon placing your order, the post office will email you a confirmation that your calculator is on its way and will also update you the location and status every step of the way.  We will also send you an email confirmation that we have shipped your calculator and in that email there will be your Delivery Confirmation tracking number and any other information pertaining to your calculator.


Late Fees

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that we are permitted to charge your card on a monthly basis and any other charges that may incur with any other plan.  If there is ever a balance due on your account you agree that My Calculator Rental can process the amount at any time and as often as needed to bring your account in balance. 

We are not responsible for any additional bank fees, interest charges, finance charges, overdraft charges or other fees charged by us in the process of authorizing your card.  We also reserve the right to change amounts for rental plans but we will notify the renter in advance.  The renter is responsible all payment information is current and up to date.  This means having the necessary funds available to cover the monthly charge for your plan. 

If the card on file cannot be charged for whatever reason and is not replaced before 72 hours a fee of $3 will be added to the renter in addition to their rental amount.   In case the renter does not pay after this time, they will have 55 days from the first failed attempt to charge their card before their account will be put into suspension.  If the card has not been updated the calculator must be returned within 10 days to avoid any replacement amount being added to the past due fees.  We email out when a card cannot be processed.  Then after two days we call to verify information and remind them of the late fee.  After two weeks we send an email stating that they have so much time before the calculator must be returned.

Any fees that remain unpaid may be forwarded to a collection agency and will also be responsible for any of the additional agency fees. In the case the customer must be sent to collections they will be prevented from renting in the future even when all the collections have been paid in full.  While accounts are in collections they will be billed their regular monthly amount plus the late fees.  In the case that an account has been sent to collections you agree to pay all collection fees, attorney fees and court costs incurred for you the renter and My Calculator Rental. 

The rental cycle is a full month.  For example, if you order your calculator on September 1st, you will be billed on the same day of the month for each of the following months.  Your first billing cycle would be October 1st.  Your calculator must be returned (we need to have it at our location) before this day to avoid being billed for another cycle.

Each calculator will need to be returned in the same condition as it was received.  My Calculator Rental knows that as calculators are shipped around and used each month, normal wear will occur.  The rented calculator is the responsibility of the renter, and any lost, stolen, damaged or replacement calculators will need to be replaced by the renter before the rental period is over. 

The replacement costs for the calculators is $100.  Replacement slide covers are $10 and battery covers are $10.  My Calculator Rental takes no responsibility for the calculator once the calculator has been shipped and signed for by the renter. The amount for the rental will be collected the same day the calculator is rented and will be collected each month following on the same day of the month till the rental period has ended (once the calculator has been returned).  If the calculator is returned and neededing excessive cleaning, a cleaning charge of  $5 may apply.

The renter will be responsible to maintain a balance on the card at all times.  The renter gives permission to automatically charge their card each month while the calculator is being rented.  In the case that there is insufficient fund transaction, there will be a $5 charge that will be applied to the renter’s card, and will charged for each month payment is not received.  After three months of no payment your account and all applicable fees will be taken to collections and the rental fees plus collection fees will also be charged to the renter.

100% Refundable Deposit

All rentals require a 100% Refundable Deposit.  The deposit will be $40 for each calculator rented and will be refunded back at the end of the rental time when calculator is returned.  Deposits will be either placed back on original card or for rentals over five months a check will be mailed to your billing address of record.

Cancel Your Order

You can cancel your order and receive a full refund only if the order has not shipped.  In the case that your order has already shipped you agreed to have your card processed and the calculator will need to be returned before the next billing cycle.  If you wish to cancel the rental plan before your chosen length of time you will need to contact us and notify us that you are cancelling your rental plan.  You agree to have your card charged for the duration of the plan for the plan’s monthly amount or pay for plan in full upon cancelation. 


Lost or Damaged Calculators

You agree to authorize My Calculator Rental to process your credit card if you have sent the wrong calculator back if you have lost or damaged any part of the calculator.  We recommend returning the calculator with a signature confirmation or a delivery confirmation.  In the event that your calculator was lost you have 30 days from the date we charge your card to send the calculator back.  If we receive the calculator in that time frame we will refund the replacement amount for the calculator. 


Other Content

There is other content and links that have been placed on the site to help and aid students with their calculator needs, but are not owned or controlled by My Calculator Rental.  We have no control over such sites and using or downloading any information is done at your own risk.  Any information such as content, photos or other items that is submitted to My Calculator Rental is given to us as nonexclusive and we have the fully sub licensable right to use publish or reproduce.

By using this site you agree to receive electronic communications from My Calculator Rental.  This communication is part of your rental plan and is essential to any information about sending or receiving your calculator.  You agree that when we send you electronic correspondence this acts as any legal requirements regarding communications, such as any communications in writing.


Payment Methods Accepted

We accept the following forms of payment at MyCalculatorRental.com: Visa, Discover and MasterCard.  We also take orders over the phone at 801.214.8704.   To process your order successfully, be sure to have enough funds available in your account to cover the first month total (monthly fee) + (the shipping).  


Shipping Rates and Procedures

My Calculator Rental ships all U.S bound package orders via United States Postal Service. Rates are based on a flat amount for the shipping method you choose.  All calculators come with  AAA batteries and your receipt.  Please contact us at mycalculatorrental@gmail.com if you have any questions about shipping rates or shipping multiple calculators.


Warranty/Guarantee Statement

My Calculator Rental warrants and guarantees that our products are, during normal use, free from defects.  If this product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, contact us for repair or replacement.  All of our calculators are delivered and serviced as is and as available.  We strive to insure that they are fully checked from all defects and problems in performing their intended purpose.


Return Policy

Calculators may be returned within 15 days of the original invoice date for a refund of the rental amount.


Return Procedure

Please feel free to return your calculator at your convenience or call us at 801.214.8704.  Package the product in a padded envelope and any proper information needed for the return.  Please remember you are not required to return the batteries, in fact we encourage everyone that you don't so it's cheaper to mail back to us.  Your monthly rental amount will not be terminated until the calculator has been received.  Once the calculator has been received, you will be notified through email.


Security and Privacy

My Calculator Rental has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.  We are committed to protecting your privacy.  Authorized employees within the company on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website: MyCalculatorRental.com.  See our privacy policy for more information.

My Calculator Rental is an equal opportunity program available to all students in the United States of America.  Our calculator rental inventory is composed of new and gently used graphing calculators.  Every used graphing calculator goes through inspection before making it to the shelves, it is tested prior to shipping, and it is 100% guaranteed to function properly.

All graphing calculators available for rent here are property of My Calculator Rental.  My Calculator Rental does not represent and is not affiliated with Texas Instruments Inc.  TI logos and TI product names are unique registered trademarks of Texas Instruments Inc.


Limitations of Liability

In no event shall My Calculator Rental or any part of its business or organizational structure be held liable for any personal injury or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of data, profits, and any sort of damage to the individual or organization who is renting.  This limitation of liability is also in connection with the website, rental plan, content and the calculators and shall not be held liable resulting from the use or the inability to use the product(s) and or service(s) or any misuse of the product(s) and or service(s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use.

We make no guarantees that the content of the website will be error free.  We assume no responsibilities for any problems while on the site or the content herewith.  We also assume no responsibilities in the performance of the services of the calculator delivery.

These Terms of Service contain the entire agreement between both My Calculator Rental and the individual or organization who is renting a calculator(s).  My Calculator Rental will post the most current terms of service on this page and they may change occasionally, with or without notice to you.



Privacy Statement

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address. We collect the e-mail address of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, user specific information on what pages consumers access or visit and information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations.

The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded, used to improve the content of our Web page, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page for individual consumer and used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes.

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending an e-mail, calling or writing, and telling us that you do not want to receive e-mail from our company.


Terms of Use Statement

You understand and agree that the owners of this site shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, data or other intangible losses (even if the owners of this site have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the use or the inability to use the product(s) and or service(s) or any misuse of the product(s) and or service(s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use.

We can be reached via e-mail at: mycalculatorrental@gmail.com