Calculator Returns

So you're ready to return you calculator?  Ok great!!  Here is the information you will need to get the job done.  
  1. Make sure your calculator is placed inside a padded envelope (or with some type of protection while shipping), any damages will be charged to you til it arrives to us.
  2. Double check that your name is found somewhere and please make sure its legible.
  3. And finally, is the address correct?  
          (Look below for the correct "Ship To" address)

       Send back your calculator to this address:
       My Calculator Rental Returns
       PO Box 6280
       Clearfield, UT 84089
       If using UPS or FedEx please ship to:

       My Calculator Rental Returns    
       98 N Main #6280
       Clearfield, UT 84015

      We also recommend sending your calculator back with some sort of delivery confirmation and insurance.  The post office often doesn't take the blame, even if they made the mistake, without you having added of these features.  When in doubt, do whatever gives you peace of mind.

     Before mailing it, make sure the slide and battery cover are attached to the calculator.  Please feel free to keep the batteries and have your name either on the shipping address or inside the package.
     Also, you don't necessarily need to go to the post office to ship your calculator; you can purchase the postage online and schedule a free postal package pickup at your residence.  Just make it easy on yourself, print off the postage from your home and have the post office come pick up your calculator.
     Thanks again for renting from us and best of luck with all of your schooling!!