About Us

We started renting calculators out of our small apartment basement, inserting small AAA batteries in graphing calculators until the wee hours of the night.  Starting out as a small family operation that rented to our local university students back in 2007 in Idaho, we have since expanded to rent nationally.  

     Quickly we found many students all over the United States that were facing the same problem; having very little money but yet expected to buy expensive graphing calculators for school (yuck).  We remember what it was like, dropping well over $100 bucks just to use it for one class.

     Although the years have passed since we started, we still believe in those founding principles of offering the best service and doing our best to help students all over.  We are still a family operated business and are passing these principles and hard working ethics on to our team members.  To those in school, keep on strong and study hard.  It's all worth it in the end!!


                The My Calculator Rental Staff